Needlestick cut resistance gloves

Gloves Cut Resistance Changes:

“Level F” replaces previous “Level 5”

….Mechanix Needlestick Gloves have level F cut resistance.

The ISO cut score on the new test uses letters rather than numbers. The new levels go from A to F, with A being the lowest level of protection and F scoring the highest.

The marking on the glove will appear as EN388 4.X.4.4.F (X meaning not tested to the old test or blade was blunted during testing and testing was stopped before completion)

The new test (ISO 13997) (now clause 6.3 in EN388:2016) gives a more accurate result and allows for recognition of higher degrees of cut resistance by changing the blade after every cut and using variable levels of force (N) applied to the blade rather than just the 5N in the old test.


Delivering protection against hypodermic needles, blades, and other sharp threats the Mechanix Wear Durahide™ Needlestick LE gloves are available from Beechwood Equipment now.

Mechanix uses Durahide™ FR Goat Skin leather, ArmorCore™needlestick resistant technology and a 360° cut liner to ensure essential protection from needlesticks, cuts and punctures as well as hot-stamped grip overlays on the fingers and palm for improved durability, grip, and comfort while on the job.


High performance Durahide™ FR Goat Skin leather provides enhanced durability, grip, dexterity, and comfort.
ArmorCore™ technology covers entire palm and rolls over fingertips, offering ASTM F2878 Level 2 needlestick puncture protection.
The 360° cut liner allows the glove to reach ANSI A7 certification.
Hot stamp texture on fingertips and palm that provide improved grip.
Adjustable hook and loop closure secures fit and provides snag free performance when drawing weapons.
Low profile cuff designed for optimum wrist mobility and plays well with watches.
AX G-Series palm reinforcement enhances durability & provides exceptional grip on tools and weapons.
Constructed with Kevlar® thread throughout.
Touchscreen capable.

SIZE S-008 / M-009 / L-010 / XL-011 / XXL-012

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