Trijicon Fire Control Systems

The Trijicon Continuously Computed Aiming Solution (CCAS) replaces the necessity for advanced marksmanship skills such as range estimation, windage adjustment and angle of fire adjustment.

The Trijicon CCAS


Ballistically Corrected Reticle
Automatically Calculates
Multiple Ballistic Factors
Integrated 1535NM Laser Range Finder
Manual Input Ballistic Options
Programmable to Weapon & Projectile Options
Significantly Increases Probability of First-Round Hits
Military-Grade Aluminum-Alloy Housing
Waterproof to 20 Meters (66 ft.)


Magnification: 6x
Length (in):  9.0 in.
Weight (oz):  72.0 oz. (2041g) w/ mount
Day Reticle Color:  Green
Night Reticle Color:  Green
Eye Relief (in): 2.7 in. (68mm)
Exit Pupil (mm):  0.32 in. (8.0mm)
Field of View (Degrees):  3.3°
Field of View @ 100 yards (ft): 17
Adjustment @ 100 yards (clicks/in):  17 @ 100 yds, 5.7m @ 100m
Batteries:  12V Four (4) CR123 Lithium Batteries
Dimensions:  9.0” L x 4.9” W x 3.3” H (244 x 122 x 107 mm)


Aperture:  25mm
Adjustment Range:  ± 0°20’ = ± 20 MOA (± 5.8 mils) minimum
Eye Volume™:  0.16 in³ (2,554 mm³)
Solution Calculation Time:  < 0.5 sec
Menu:  Selectable Weapon / Ammunition
Ranging Laser:  1535nm (non-detectible with NV)
Laser Diode; Class 1 eye safe
Visible Laser: 639nm
Laser Diode; Class 3R eye safe. Used for initial setup only.
Range: 2000m
Minimum Range: 50m
Range Accuracy: +/-1m