Drifire FR Technology where safety meets comfort

Drifire high performance apparel provided the ultimate combination of moisture wicking technology, flame resistance and comfort.

The Drifire product line ranges from base layers to combat ready ensembles that won’t wash out or wear out over time. What makes Drifire special…


Permanent no-melt, no-drip flame resistance means peace of mind. Drifire high performance FR garments will not melt when exposed to flames and will self extinguish once you are out of the danger zone. You can rely on Drifire to be more durable than other inherent FR on the market and to keep you safe.


Drifire odour neutralising technology features anti microbial properties that help to resist the growth of bacterial odours. Drifire high performance fabric provides odour protection even after multiple wears.


The ultimate comfort of Drifire garments is due to their permanent moisture management technology. It contains hydrophilic fibres that wick away moisture from the skin and hydrophobic fibres to release that moisture into the air. Drifire garments dry u to three times faster than cotton to help keep you cool when it’s warms and warm when it’s cool.


The flame resistant, moisture management and odour control properties of Drifire garments are built directly into the fibres, this means that they do not lose their ability to self extinguish flames, wick moisture and neutralise odours over time, Drifire garments can be washed and worn consistently over their lifetime and still give you the comfort and protection you deserve.