Bulldog Tactical (RAIL) System

The Bulldog RAIL System is an integrated pack frame that can be fitted with mission essential gear.

The RAILS Pack Frame has the increased durability of the Alice frame as well as the ability to accept current issued MOLLE equipment (All MOLLE rucks and pouches) on one frame. The RAILS provides the additional capability of mounting pouches horizontally and vertically. The RAILS pack frame can be configure for any mission requirements while maintaining the ability to carry personal items in a two day patrol bag. RAILS is constructed from aircraft grade aluminium, which is CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) coated.The system is available in the below configurations in Multicam, Coyote, Ranger Green.


Kit contains:

RAIL Frame
Shoulder Straps
Tapered Waist Belt
Padded CLU Bag
Accessory Pouch
Jacket Pouch
2 Day Assault Pack
10 Litre Accessory Pouch
Battery Pouch
Retention Straps
Spare parts


Kit Contains:

4 x RAIL Frames
4 x Pairs Shoulder Straps
4 x Tapered Waist Belt
2 x Day Assault Ultra-Lightweight Backpacks
3 x Medium Bergens
2 x Large Padded Bergens with Internal Dividers for 81mm Rounds
2 x Base Plate Retention Straps
Sight Pouch
Aiming Stakes Pouch
Cleaning Brush Pouch
4 x Barrel/Bipod Retention Brackets
MFDC Pouch


Kit Contains:

RAIL Frame
Shoulder Straps
Tapered Waist Belt
2 x 400 Rd Ammo Bags: MOLLE Compatible, with an Aluminium Ammo Feed Bracket
Spare Barrel Quiver: Thermal Line Spare Barrel Quiver
Barrel Mat: Cooling Mat for the spare barrel
M249 / M240 B Weapon Sling
Accessory Pouch
Hydration Pouch
Heat Shield Mitt
Jacket Pouch
2 Day Sustainment Pack