X3 Finder Life Detection System

The X3 Life Detection System is a heart rate and respiration detection system. With the ability to detect life signs through up to 45 cm of concrete cumulatively and up to 91 metres in the open air. More importantly it does this in minutes. The X3 is used by search & rescue, emergency services and military around the world.

This new tool furthers the ability in the search for life,  offering an immediate location in the search for survivors of major incidents or for the detection of suspects in difficult to reach environments. All that is needed is  a heart rate and respiration that the X3 can detect.

A complete X3 system is portable weighing in at 6Kg with a 20 cm control tablet.  It offers a standby battery life of 12 hours which yields over a hundred scans with a full charge. (Battery recharge takes approximately 90 minutes.)

Ready to use in minutes with scan results displayed immediately.


  • The ability to scan tunnels, mines, cargo containers, tractor trailers, ship and aircraft cargo holds.
  • Operates up to 12 hours yielding over 100 scans when fully charged with a 90 minute recharge time.
  • Operates remotely either by wireless connection or through Internet Protocol (I.P.) enabled radio systems.
  • Deployable with unmanned ground systems (robots) while supplying its own power and controls autonomously.
  • Simple user interface (U.I.) operating by a 20 cm, 650 g, IP67 industrial-grade, water- proof, rain-resistant and dust proof housing.