FLIR Radars

FLIR’s powerful border surveillance solutions offer long range threat detection and positive identification all day, all night, in all conditions.

Using industry standard interfaces FLIR’s high performance radars and cameras easily integrate with command and control systems to provide comprehensive coastal, land and air protection solutions.

Ranger R8SS-3D Radar

The man-portable FLIR Ranger® R8SS-3D has the vertical coverage, low minimum detection velocity and algorithms to detect and track up to 500 drone targets simultaneously, while filtering bird detections.

Ranger R6SS-U-U Radar

The man-portable FLIR Ranger® R6SS-U electronically-scanned, mid-range radars detect and track personnel and vehicles up to 10 kilometre ranges. Light and small, the Ranger R6SS-U provides best-in-class target detection and acquisition performance in a form factor that fits in a backpack or is easily mounted to a vehicle or permanent structure as part of an integrated solution.

Ranger R3D Radar

The Ranger R3D is a dual mode, ground surveillance radar designed to provide efficient, 24/7 persistent surveillance, both within and beyond the fence. Operating in the Ka-band, the Ranger R3D leverages the resolution and accuracy of advanced FMCW technology and the extended range and terrain adaptability of Doppler in a single, compact, and lightweight package.