Fibrotex Static Camouflage Systems

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Window Sniper Kit

An innovative system for special units, snipers and surveillance teams

Provides concealment for team members
Full operational abilities through the system without any interference
Quick deployment by two team members (approx 5 minutes)
Lightweight (carried in one backpack)

Sniper Camouflage Tent

Multispectral combat-proven concealment for snipers

Multispectral concealment – UV, Visual, Near-IR, Thermal-IR
Reversible – different camouflage pattern on each side
Reduction of thermal signature
Available for one or two people
Quick Assembly, foldable (approx 3 minutes)
Lightweight, easy to carry

Observation Post

One concealment system for 2 different terrains.

Multi Spectral protection against: UV, Visual, Near-IR, Thermal and Radar
2-Dimensional lightweight system
2 sided print – enabling one system to camouflage two different environments (urban / woodland / desert / snow)
Camouflages up to 10 team members
Allowing full operational activities – soldiers can observe and track through the net while remaining undetected from the outside
Deployed easily by 2 team members in approx. 4 minutes

Stationary Signature Management System

The ultimate concealment solution for stationary platforms.

Protection against all known sensor threats including: Visual, Near-IR, Thermal and Radar
2 sides printing (camouflage for two different environments (urban / woodland / desert / snow etc.)
2-Dimensional lightweight system
Excellent visibility inside-out
Low storage space and easily deployed