MTAR-HUD - Augmented Reality HUD for Night Vision Monoculars

The new GSCI MTAR-HUD gives users the ability to augment their night vision device images with information to assist them in their operations.

The MTAR-HUD adds GPS coordinates, compass heading, inclinometer, rangefinder, time/date, image/video recording, and more. Each of these data elements can be displayed or hidden through the device’s menu to show an operator only the information he needs at a particular instance. Hundreds of thousands of Night Vision monoculars, currently in service, can be upgraded to give more than just night vision imaging.

The real advantage behind the design is to transform a conventional night vision device into a full-scale tactical surveillance, even weapon mountable station. The GPS module allows the operator to identify and display their location, and the unit significantly enhances situational awareness referring to pitch-roll-yaw readings. Recordings can be re-produced and analysed from the built-in digital video recorder. All of the data is displayed on-screen of a night vision device in an informative, and non-distractive way.


Video Streaming Options: Video-in/Video-out
Frame Rate: 50fps, no lags or delays
Multiphosphor: White phosphor/Green phosphor, IIT-independent
Colour modes: Auto, Full Colour, Grayscale, WP/GP
Compass: Yes, Magnetic and Gyro Compass
GPS: Yes, Degrees-Minutes-Seconds, Speed Reading
Stow Safety Feature: Yes
Stadiametric Rangefinder: Yes
Auto Power Off: Yes, Programmable
Internal Display: 0.6 inch diagonal, AMOLED, Colour 800×600
Brightness Control: Manual
Sensitivity: Automatic/Manual
Memory: 32GB MicroSD removeable card
Power Source: 1pc CR123, battery not included
External Power Port: 4VDC….15VDC
Battery Life: Up to 2.5hrs with CR123 battery
Dimensions: 70x50x58 mm
Mass: <135g
Operating Temp: -35˚C to +60˚C
Storage Temp: -40˚C to +70˚C
Mechanical & Optical Fitting: IP67, purging ready
Environmental: MIL-STD-810G

Available variations

Core Unit, ready for AN/PVS-14 installation; No eyepiece included

AN/PVS-14 eyepiece installed; Can be used as a “standalone”

Compact eyepiece installed; Can be used as a “standalone”