Trijicon OASYS Thermal Vision Systems

Trijicon OASYS thermal vision products give users the advantage in any engagement.

Choose from high-performance monoculars, binoculars and weapon sights to suit mission specific needs.

SKEETIR x Micro Thermal Imaging Monocular

Quickly transitions between weapon-mount,  handheld, and helmet-mount mode

The SkeetIR x thermal monocular and weapon sight is a credit-card size monocular that exceeds competitive products specifications and performance. It is extremely versatile, quickly transitioning from clip-on to handheld to helmet-mount mode.

8500873-1 SKEETIR®x series  (red laser) with standard accessory kit
8500874-1 SKEETIR®x  series  (IR laser) with standard accessory kit

UTB x Universal Thermal Binocular

Operational awareness deep into the mission The UTB x uncooled thermal binocular provides superior image quality and detection range up to 2220 meters with standard lens. Wide and narrow FOV lenses also available. The systems also provides improved targeting capabilities, a digital magnetic compass and the ability to capture still photos and output digital video.

8500879-1  UTB x sight with standard accessory kit

UTB x-LRF Universal Thermal Binocular

Laser Range Finder Range and pinpoint targets out to 2220 meters The UTB®x- LRF system is a small uncooled thermal binocular with superior resolution and laser range finder capability. It can range and pinpoint targets out to 2220 meters in no light and offers an optional visible or IR laser pointer.

8500880-1 UTB®x-LRF sight with standard accessory kit

UTC®x/UTC®xii Universal Thermal Clip-on

Unrivaled image quality The UTC®xii and UTC®x systems are high performance thermal clip-ons to existing weapon sights. The UTC®xii and UTC®x deliver detection range of 2650 m with the UTC®xii being 25 percent smaller and lighter.]

8508416-1 UTC®xii sight with standard accessory kit
8500877-1 UTC®x sight with standard accessory kit

UTM®x Universal Thermal Monocular

Rapidly acquire targets The UTM®x thermal mono sight features dual-band pointing/ aiming lasers and thermal sensitivity exceeding that of any rival system. The system is pocket-sized, weighing only 18 oz. while offering RS-170 video output and 100 snapshot storage. Its multi-mission capability, ruggedized design and simple menu functions provide superior performance in all conditions when used as a clip-on weapon sight or hand-held viewer.

8500876-1 UTM®x monocular with standard accessory kit