Trijicon IRD Thermal Vision Monoculars & Weapon Sights

Trijicon IRD Thermal Vision Monoculars – Trijicon has led the industry in the development of superior any-light aiming systems since 1981.

And now, Trijicon’s advanced thermal imaging riflescopes offer no light aiming systems. Trijicon EO products are trusted by the most demanding shooters around the world to get the job done with accuracy and speed no matter what, no matter when.

Trijicon REAP-IR® Mini Thermal Riflescope

Get Rounds on Target Faster Than Ever. The Trijicon REAP-IR® mini thermal riflescope is a small, light, powerful thermal riflescope that lets you engage targets in any light.


THE NEXT-GENERATION CLIP-ON SIGHT FOR 24-HOUR DOMINATION IN ANY LIGHT – The Trijicon SNIPE-IR® is designed to become one with your optical day sight, both on the battlefield and on the hunting field. The thermal scope’s NO-SHOT ZERO feature makes it simple to verify boresight when attached.

Trijicon IR-PATROL® Thermal Monocular

The IR-PATROL has advanced ability to process images with brilliantly sharp detail, and a user-friendly, icon-based menu system for intuitive navigation. Whether your mission is searching for a suspect or securing your position, the Trijicon IR-PATROL® is the ideal multipurpose thermal imaging monocular. It’s compact, lightweight, rugged and offers some of the most advanced performance options on the market. Choose from handheld, helmet-mounted or rifle-mounted IR‑PATROL systems.