Thermal Clip-On Attachment for Night Vision TICON

The GSCI Starlight TICON is Thermal Imaging Clip-On for Night Vision systems.

It easily attaches to Night Vision Goggles or PVS-14 to enhance their functionality by adding a thermal overlay to the image intensified display without the need to change or modify equipment.

The combination of two technologies reduces their respective limitations. The operator has increased situational awareness in low light, no light or obstructed conditions (fog/foliage) where image intensification is limited, but without sacrificing the identification capability of image intensification.

The quick-connect interface allows you to mount and dismount the TICON in mere seconds. The unit can mount on to any night vision devices currently in operation, so there is no need to refit helmets for special equipment or purchase additional mountings – the TICON is ready for special operations right out of the box.



FPA Type: Uncooled, VOx
FPA Resolution and Pitch: 640×512, 12μm
Optical Magnification: 1X
FOV with 40° IIT: 30,5° with 76% Coverage
Imaging Modes: Full Thermal (White-Hot), Hot Spot, Heat Outline, Pulse Mode
Power: 1pc 18650 or 1pc CR123 External Power Port 3 to 5.5V
Weight: 105 Grams
Dimensions: 80 x 34 x 34mm
Export: Non-lTAR: Available Worldwide
(Canadian Export Permit Required. Beechwood provides assistance in the submission of an Export Licence application)


1. Thermal Imaging Clip-On
2. Front Lens Protective Cover
3. Battery Extended Compartment
4. Quick-Release Locking Ring
5. Soft Carrying Pouch
6. User Manual
7. Waterproof Hard Carrying Case
8. Universal Battery Charger (Batteries Not Included)