SkeetIR x Thermal Monocular

The Skeet IR x thermal monocular is a credit card-sized observation and targeting device that allows users to range and pinpoint targets up to 910 meters away.

The Skeet IR x is one of the smallest, lightest tactical thermal imager on the market. It weighs just 9 ounces, giving users the ability to rapidly acquire targets while reducing the weight they need to carry into operation. It also uses less power than traditional cooled systems, operating more than two hours to help reduce the extra weight of battery loads. Using just a single CR123 battery, the system has the power to produce a 640 x 480 resolution thermal image of the operational area – day or night. The SkeetIR x is easily and intuitively used with one hand, making it simple to locate the various functions, especially while operating the system in darkness. The system also enables the use of inherent weapons and user selectable electronic reticles to support a wide range of missions.


Handheld, helmet-mount, and weapon-mount modes enable a seamless transition from an observation to targeting device to support a range of missions Infrared sensors create a high resolution thermal image to clearly detect and recognize targets in all environmental conditions – day or night Integrated laser pointers mark targets in nearly any condition Intuitive interface and controls help reduce training time and make it easy to use in any situation

Applications Covertly finding and locating objects without visible light First responder, search and rescue, K-9 unit Officer safety and protection Hot spot and disturbed surface detection Crime scene investigation


  • SkeetIR®x Micro-thermal imaging monocular
  • Pointers Visible laser pointer Red
  • Class 3R Power level 4.7 mW Wavelength 625-645 nm IR laser pointer Class 1 Power level 0.7 mW Wavelength 820-850 nm Image storage Capability 100 snapshots Image format 8-bit uncompressed raw binary file Weapon mount/ Accuracy information Weapon mount format M1913 military specification Weapon mount Wilcox shoe with flip mount Aim point 3 to 4 MOA Eyepiece centerline height (from top of rail) 1.533 in (Note: flip mount accounts for 0.325 in of that height)


  • Weight (without batteries)
  • 9 oz (0.26 kg)
  • Length 4.0 in (102 mm) (without lens cover or eyecups)
  • Width 2.4 in (61 mm) Height 1.7 in (44 mm)
  • Power Power source (1) CR 123 lithium battery or USB outlet Power up 3 seconds Battery operating life @25°c 2.0 hrs @ 60 Hz Environment Operating temp -40°F (-40°C) to 140°F (60 °C)
  • Storage temp -40°F (-40°C) to 160°F (71 °C) Immersion Tested at 66 ft for 2 hrs Climatic zones Hot, basic Imaging characteristics
  • Optical focus Manual Diopter adjust Manual Optical magnification 1X Digital magnification 0.5X and 2X Field-of view 28° diagonal (22° horizontal x 16° vertical)
  • Optical co-use Unity up to ≤ 5x Minimum focus distance 500 mm Range (NVTherm Model) 80% positive (60 Hz), 0.75m2 size target
  • Detect 910 m IR camera Sensor Uncooled microbolometer Wavelength 8-12µm
  • Pixel pitch 17µm Pixel format 640 x 480 array
  • Refresh rate 30/60 Hz dual mode NEdT < 50 mK at F/1 Display Color Monochrome Size 640 x 480 Eye relief 20 mm Diopter adjustment +/- 2.0 diopters
  • Compass Digital magnetic compass


  • BA80E BNC coupler
  • 9102-4100 7-pin LEMO to USB cable
  • 9102-4101 7-pin LEMO to BNC cable
  • 9106-0024-01 Lanyard assembly, 36 in, black
  • A3144422 Eye cup
  • BATT-123 Lithium 3V battery
  • 9106-7004 Quick reference guide
  • 9102-5004 Install software
  • 9106-7006 SkeetIR®x manual


  • 55900G03 Flip mount with lanyard
  • 19022-0012 3X expander lens
  • LT811 Rail mount, SkeetIR®x
  • 61300G06 Dual bridge mount, SkeetIR®x
  • 19015-0008-00 Remote keypad for all OASYS systems, includes LEMO-LEMO cable
  • 19015-4007 Replacement LEMO-LEMO cable for remote keypad, all OASYS systems
  • 19023-1007 Dust cap, LEMO
  • 19022-1010-01 Replacement objective lens cover (comes installed on SkeetIR®x)