LazrBloc Lenses Laser Eye Protection

Around the world, reports of malicious laser strikes against law enforcement, the military, and pilots have spiked. 

In an instant, laser illuminations can cause vision-disruption, distraction, disorientation or even eye damage, and these dangers are amplified when every second counts. With both visible and invisible wavelengths contained in a concentrated beam, lasers pose a distinctive, stealthy threat to the human eye. Revision has developed a countervailing response to protect against green laser illuminations, which account for almost 95% of all laser events. Revision’s patented laser protective dye is used in the LazrBloc GF- 8 Laser Protective Ballistic Lens. Uniquely, LazrBloc GF- 8 lenses combine this advanced laser protection technology with Revision’s storied military-grade ballistic protection.

Revision’s cutting-edge single and dual-band laser protective lenses absorb laser energy across the visible spectrum and beyond, including near-infrared energy. This technology is incorporated into their world leading ballistic protective lens designs.