Ranger R8SS-3D Radar

Air and Ground Drone Surveillance Panel Radar

The man-portable FLIR Ranger® R8SS-3D has the vertical coverage, low minimum detection velocity and algorithms to detect and track up to 500 drone targets simultaneously, while filtering bird detections. The R8SS-3D can monitor the coverage area four times per second, running 24/7, detecting all ground and aerial threats in virtually any climate, day and night. Compact and lightweight, it fits in a backpack, draws only 135 W, while costing much less than its vehicle-sized counterparts.

R8SS-3D detects micro UAS targets up to 1.2 km out, pedestrians up to 3 km out, and light vehicles up to 6.5 km out. Multiple scan mode options include fixed sector, alternating sector, and continuous scan. An optional pan-tilt mount enables full 360° fast scanning. Depending on configuration, total backpack weight maxes out at 38.6 pounds. Fast 4-Hz refresh improves detection and tracking of micro drones. One cable, four mounting bolts, an XML command set make it easy to integrate.


Wide 45° beam elevation provides complete hemispherical detection of virtually every land and aerial target, including micro UAS. With the pan/tilt mount, the R8SS-3D covers 360°.

R8SS-3D mitigates bird false alarms and informs the operator if the target is a person, vehicle, UAS, bird, or unknown.

R8SS-3D reports target elevation and automatically points cameras and countermeasures to target.

R8SS-3D quickly detects one or up to 512 ground and airborne threats simultaneously while accurately displaying each target’s location and elevation – whether it’s alone or part of a drone swarm. MAN PORTABLE R8SS-3D can be transported in a backpack of a dismounted soldier and draws only 135W giving it extreme deployment flexibility.

Force Protection, Border Security, Vehicle Dismount, Artillery and Mortar Fire Correction, UAS Detection


Parameters R8SS-3D
Instrument Range: 7,800m)

Detection Range
Person: 3.0 km
Light Vehicle: 6.5 km
Large Vehicle: 7.8 km
MicroUAS: 1.2 km
MiniUAS: 2.1 km
Small UAS: 4.0 km
Minimum Detection Range: 10 m
Scan sector: ± 45° (fi xed) – 360° with P/T
Vertical coverage: ≥ 40°
Number of simultaneously displayed tracks: Up to 512
Electronic scan rate: 2 Hz or 4 Hz
Minimum Detection Velocity (MDV): < 0.1 m/s

Range Accuracy: ± 3 m
Angular Accuracy (azimuth): < 0.8 degree
Angular accuracy (elevation): < 3 degrees

Power consumption: 135 W nominal
Operating voltage: 20 – 48 VDC

Size (in) :14.7” x 14.4” x 4.3” (37 x 36 x 11 cm)
Weight: ≤ 23.1 lbs (10.5 kg)
Operating Frequency: X-Band
Connectivity: ethernet
Environmental :MIL-STD-461F, IP67,MIL-STD-810G, FCC/CE

Other Features
Built-in GPS: Yes
Built-in Compass: Yes