Wild Things Knuckle Roaster Multicam FR

Product code: WT-50180-9MU

Model: 50180 (MultiCam)
Berry Amendment Compliant: 100% Made in U.S.A.


The Wild Things Knuckle Roaster FR hand warmer is intended to offer warmth and comfort in the field. It allows you to wear lighter gloves in cold weather while maintaining dexterity by providing a warm area to rest your hands. In cool or damp weather, you can remove your gloves completely and still maintain full dexterity. It has a Burlington Sigma 4 outer fabric that is highly durable, wind and weather resistant, and fire retardant. The inner is lined with FR fleece for added warmth. The reinforced web belt adapts to different waist sizes using an easy-to-use buckle. Includes an external zippered storage pocket.


  • Hand warmer with convenient, adjustable waist strap
  • Exterior zippered storage pocket
  • Genuine MultiCam® pattern