Rostaing BLACKTACTIL Black Cut Resistant Glove


Product code: BLACKTACTIL


Discover the most reliable cut-resistant glove on the market. This cut-resistant glove is built of high-quality materials to protect you from cuts while working with highly abrasive materials. This industrial glove also provides an outstanding grip on dry surfaces.

A revolutionary technological knit consisting of high-tenacity polyethylene and mineral fibres provides excellent cut resistance. This glove has a cut protection rating of F out of F, making it the most cut-resistant glove available

This superb anti-cut glove provides excellent dexterity due to its fine ergonomic knitting

Long-lasting and resistant to abrasion and cuts, making it ideal for high-impact activities. It is therefore appropriate for strenuous activity

Really comfortable and will fit your hand and fingers properly to accompany you while your activity

This cut-resistant protective glove’s black tint is suited for industrial use


Maximum cut resistance

Second-skin effect

Black colour with little dirt

Comfort: 5
Dexterity: 5
Waterproofing: 2
Sustainability: 4

Composition: Mineral fibres, Polyamide, High-tenacity polyethylene, Polyurethane

Category PPE: II
EN388: 4X42F
Washing: Machine @ 40°C
Colours: Black