Beechwood Equipment Limited is an approved Ministry of Defence supplier and Police National Framework supplier. The company contracts via the following channels:

MOD Procurement

Beechwood Equipment supply UK MOD under competitive and non-competitive arrangements under CAGE Code: KOF-83. The company has traded with the MOD for over 25 years and is enabled to trade electronically using the Exostar platform. The company is a registered ITAR Broker and member of the UK-US Defence Trade Cooperation Treaty (DTCT) Approved Community.

If you require any further information or reference identification for the above please contact the following

Police and Local Government Procurement

Beechwood Equipment is a National Framework supplier and registered on the Procserve hub, Please contact sales@beechwoodequipment to request catalogue access.


The company is covered to the required levels for contracting with UK MOD and Police authorities and carries, general liability insurances, professional indemnity and freight insurance.

Quality Standards

Beechwood Equipment is UKAS ISO9001 and ISO14000 registed. For more information please click here:

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beechwood government procurement service
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