Off Grid Trek Solar Blankets

Off Grid Trek Solar Blankets are ideal for emergency preparedness, camping, and overlanding applications when efficiency, durability and compactness are critical.

They provide the best blend of efficiency, durability, and dependability in a small, lightweight design that folds up to the size of a laptop.

Off Grid Trek Solar Blankets are so efficient that they can operate without direct sunlight even when it is raining or snowing; most other solar products on the market stop working altogether when covered by 30% cloud or other shade.

Designed to charge 12V/24V batteries and various USB devices, providing true portable power when needed. Keeping food cool and electronics charged.

High efficiency SunPower Gen 3 Maxeon cells are employed, which allow for the highest energy absorption in direct sunshine or shadow, making them more efficient than other solar cells.

These portable, lightweight, and efficient blankets have reinforced grommets and aluminium carabiners to attach them to the ground or other objects.

They also have a voltage regulator on the back with 2 USB ports, one USB-C, and one DC18V output with a 20cm cable and Anderson connection. A new waterproof cover is provided.

The ETFE Integrated Laminated Solar Blanket is anti-reflective, scratch resistant, durable, and waterproof, giving the Solar Blanket a rubberized feel and offering considerably better absorption of energy from the sun.

Use the Solar Blankets with the optional Off Grid Trek 20 Amp Solar Regulator Cable Value Pack which have a total of 4 USB charging ports together with 12V charging, efficiently charge numerous devices at the same time.

The 300W Solar Blanket is intended to power the EcoFlow DELTA Series, Jackery, Goal Zero (some), Bluetti, and a variety of other Portable Power Stations (PPS).

A fully-charged 1kWh EcoFlow DELTA 2 will power, for example:

  • Mobile Phone / 11Wh – 89 charges
  • Laptop / 60Wh – 16 charges
  • Typical Drone (UAV) Battery / 120Wh – 8 charges

For more details on Off Grid Trek Solar Blankets and EcoFlow Portable Power Stations, contact us to discuss your requirements or ask any questions you may have.