Trijicon OASYS Thermal Imaging

Trijicon OASYS products give users the advantage in any engagement. Choose from high-performance monoculars, binoculars, and weapon sights to suit your specific needs.


SkeetIR®x Thermal Weapon Sight

The SkeetIR®x thermal weapon sight is a credit card-sized observation and targeting device that allows users to range and pinpoint targets up to 910 meters away.

UTB®x Universal Thermal Binocular

The Universal Thermal Binocular is a high-performance true 17μm (640×480) uncooled thermal binocular.

UTC®x Universal thermal clip-on

The UTCx sight is a high-performance universal thermal clip-on to existing weapon sights, currently fielded by the U.S. military and supporting long-range sniper and surveillance missions.

UTM®x Universal Thermal Monocular

The UTMx thermal weapon sight from Trijicon Oasys is the first palm-sized 640×480 hybrid thermal mono-sight. It features dual-band pointing/ aiming lasers and thermal sensitivity exceeding that of any rival system.