Life Finder X3 Finder Life Detection System

Lifefinder – Life Detection System

Detects life through walls.

The X3 & Cyclops Life Detection Systems are offer the ability to detect life signs through up to 45 cm of concrete via heart rate and respiration detection.   The X3 is used by search & rescue, emergency services and military around the world and offers the  ability to scan tunnels, mines, cargo containers, tractor trailers, ship and aircraft cargo holds, detecting life signals and locating survivors  in difficult to reach environments.   To detect individuals in lorries and ship holds, the X3 will be able to detect how many are hidden and locate them.  It can also provide extended range searches for tunnels locating people that may be hiding in difficult to reach areas.


The handheld version, the Cyclops Mark II offers a pocket sized version that can detect through 10cm of concrete in seconds, while scanning distances of up to 9 metres.

If you require a demonstration of the items please contact Beechwood asap

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