Hivemapper builds dynamic 3D maps from video with automated change detection for a more intelligent workflow.

Small and cheap optical systems means airborne and ground based video cameras generate far more video than humans could ever watch. Combine that with high resolution and high-altitude collections platforms and you’re sitting on a mountain of intelligence. Until now, no one has had the software to make sense of all this video.

Hivemapper provides the best all-in-one product that transforms your existing video cameras into invaluable geospatial information providers.

Hivemapper produces intelligent 3D maps from video, make the data accessible in a modern web experience, and provide powerful analytics tools that support small teams all the way up to the world’s largest organizations.

Fully automated multi-source change detection and global geospatial indexing of your videos unlocks features unique to Hivemapper that opens your data silos in a way never before possible.

Change Detection Stay vigilant: detect and measure change

  • Be alerted to any change happening in your AOI in all 3-dimensions.
  • Automatically identifies all man-made, vegetation, or terrain changes from a new pile of dirt all the way up to changes of an entire city and more.
  • Instantly measure how the world is changing to provide actionable information for your team on the ground.
  • Automated video to LiDAR and video to video global change detection to take advantage of all of your collections platforms.

Build an intelligent view of the world from video Insert Picture of skyscraper.

  • Process videos from any platform, any altitude, and with any camera into a combined 3D map.
  • Automated global georegistration with 30-50cm accuracy to provide context, support multi-collection stitching, and enable automated change detection.
  • Understand what’s happening on the ground anywhere in the world from purely remote collection.
  • Combine collection from commercial drones, helicopters, and high altitude manned and unmanned platforms into one analytics package.

Unlock and index data, anywhere at anytime

  • Build upon Hivemapper provided LiDAR, over 2 million sq km, and global terrain data.
  • Automatic Temporal and Geospatial indexing allows you to find the video you need, when you need it.
  • Instantly know every collection that’s ever observed a specific location – historical and current day.
  • The more video you process with Hivemapper, the better the map will be and the more you can extract from it.