Army Warfighting Experiment

Hivemapper qualifies for the next round of AWE 2020

We are proud to announce Hivemapper has qualified for the next round of the 2020 Army Warfighting Experiment: Agile Command and Control.  

The Colony Hivemapper provides the best all in one product that transforms existing camera platforms into invaluable geospatial information providers. HiveMapper Colony produces intelligent 3D maps from video, make the data accessible in a modern web experience, and provide powerful analytics tools that support small teams all the way up to the world’s largest organizations. Fully automated multi source change detection and global geospatial indexing of your videos unlocks features unique to Hivemapper. 

  • Process videos from any platform, any altitude, and with any camera into a combined 3D map.
  • Automated globalgeoregistrationwith 30 50cm accuracy to provide context, support multi collection stitching, and enable automated change detection. 
  • Understand what’s happening on the ground anywhere in the world from purely remote collection.
  • Combine collection from commercial drones, helicopters, and high altitude manned and unmannedmilitary platforms into one analytics package.
  • Automatically identifies all manmade, vegetation, or terrain changes from a new pile of dirt all the wayup to changes of an entire city and more. 
  • Be alerted to any change happening in yourAOI in all 3 dimensions.

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