FLIR Night Vision – Handheld

FLIR offer the proven PVS-14 monocular and Binocular Night Vision Devices (BNVD) with high performance ITT image tubes.

The devices and be used in hand held or held / helmet mounted.

PVS 14 51° Night Vision Monocular

Gen 3 2000FoM Green or White ITT Tube Technology

Built on the framework of United States Military-commissioned AN/PVS-14 night vision units, the FLIR PVS-14 offers enhanced tactical awareness in a classic, battle-tested design. Flexible mounting options and adjustable gain control in a rugged, compact housing showcase why the PVS-14 remains a favourite among military and law enforcement professionals.


Auto Power Off: Yes
Dimensions (L x W x H): 158 x 51 x 60 mm
Focus Range: 0.25 m to infinity
Product Weight: 0.35 kg (0.77 lbs)


Onboard manual gain control and IR illuminator maintain tactical awareness in minimal light conditions.


Head and helmet mounting capability allow simple hands-free use.


Manual Gain Control IR Indicator (In FOV)
Infrared Illuminator (built-in with flood lens)
Exit Pupil Diameter [mm] – Bright Light Cut off
Automatic Brightness Control
Reticle Type – Resolution 57-64 lp/mm
Field of View 51° Diopter Adjustment -6 to +4 dpt


Compact Dual Tube Night Vision Goggle – Gen 3 2000FoM Green or White ITT Tube Technology

The FLIR BNVD is a dual-channel night vision system, built to last with a compact composite housing, it has a wide 51° field of view (FOV), and uses advanced multi-coated optics. Operating from a single AA alkaline battery or CR123A battery, the BNVD can run up to 20 hours. Also equipped with an integral infrared illuminator for reading in the dark.


Exceptional Field of View with Built-in Infrared Illuminator

With a 51° field of view (FOV), the BNVD provides a large visual field making it easier to track moving objects. Built-in IR illuminator enhances night vision and allows for reading in the dark.


Perfect Balance of Size and Performance – Built with a tough, ergonomic composite housing that is water and fog resistant.

Needing only a single AA battery or one CR123 battery for convenient operation, can run up to 20 hours. An optional battery pack mounted behind the helmet extends the use up to 80 hours.


Packed with Features for a Versatile and Customizable Viewing Experience

For hands-free operation, the BNVD includes head and helmet mounting options, it can be used as binoculars, as a monocular, goggles or stowed out of the way. Operated by a single gain control knob, the BNVD utilizes features like a flip-up-turn-off, and a flip-down-turn-back-on option when mounted to a helmet.