Eickhorn RT Series Rescue Tools

Rescue tools for those who need small lightweight emergency tools. There are 10 models of Eickhorn rescue tools, each a precision lifesaving tool designed for a specific operation requirement.

Designed to the highest military standards each blade and tang is laser cut in one single piece of 440A case hardened blade steel. Each blade is precision shaped by a laser process that minimised steel stress and loss of laser nitrite edge hardness, ensuring a greatly extended sharpness life of the cutting edge. RT tools are assembled by Eickhorn engineers in accordance with the highest standards and traditions of quality control that the for the last 140 years has been the trademark of Eickhorn Solingen.

Milstandard handles and accessories complete the finished product. Attention to detail and quality control, guarantees each tool will provide many years reliable service in all operational conditions.


The RT III was developed for special rescue requirements. It practically and effectively supports personnel during life-saving activities. The RT III is an all-round general purpose knife and entry tool in one. The Knifes edge can also be used as a heavy-duty screw driver.

Blade: 13.1cm, Overall Length: 26.5cm, Steel: 1.4110, Weight: 250g


The cutting of belts and ropes and the opening of clothing demand a blade that must not under no circumstances endanger the injured or hurt. The RT IV was developed especially for this requirement from stainless steel 1.4110 steel. The blade point can also be used as a heavy-duty screw driver.

Blade: 13.1cm, Overall Length: 26.5cm, Steel: 1.4110, Weight: 250g


The ABW I was developed as a light tactical entry tool based on the S.E.K. The chisel formed point is optimised for opening doors and windows. At the base of the grip a glass breaker has been included to further facilitate the function of the tool. Optionally the tool can have a flat base for extra penetration when used in combination with a hammer. The ABW I has a special Kalgard coating. For flexible carrying ES have chosen a Kydex sheath with belt adapter.

Blade: 11cm, Overall Length: 22.2cm, Steel: N695, Weight: 250g


The ABW II has been developed with special fire brigade teams as a super heavy duty entry and rescue tool. To lever (doors and windows), break glass, sever ropes and cutting are functions combined in this single-Entry Tool. Due to its massive form and G-10 grips it is designed to be used with gloves. Luminescent triangular inserts help orient the user. The tool is completed with a Kydex sheath and belt adapter.

Blade: 10cm, Overall Length: 24.5cm, Steel: N695, Weight: 398g