Droneshield, counter UAS products now available to UK law enforcement and military markets.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the Droneshield products to the UK market. Droneshield offer a range of detection and counter measures to the threat of hostile drone attacks and surveillance. The range includes the following product areas:

The Drone Gun:
DroneGun provides a safe countermeasure against a wide range of drone models. It allows for a controlled management of drone payload such as explosives, with no damage to common drones models or surrounding environment due to the drones generally responding via a vertical controlled landing on the spot, or returning back to the starting point assisting to track the operator.

Sensor Options:
Dronseshield offer a range of sensors include wide alert and far alert models.

Drone Sentry:
A autonomous detection and counter measure system in late development stage.

Dronseshield can integrate with existing monitoring infrastructure or operate as a stand alone system. Products include a base processor and web based monitoring system.

To view the full range please click here. For more information regarding any of the Dronseshield products the please Contact us.

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