Charge MPLS Tactical Helmet Light

The Charge was designed with helmet rail mounting in mind, offering a lower lumen light output for close at hand administrative tasks when in the field. Suitable for police, search and rescue and military users.

The Charge is versatile, smart and tough, the Charge was created with the exclusive flexi-neck design allowing you to direct light where you need it, regardless of the angle of your helmet. Each Charge has a single white Maxbright LED that puts out a solid 55 lumens in a focused flood beam; bright enough for distance spotting, but dispersed enough for close at hand work. A cluster of 3 Ultrabright LEDs in various colour configurations surround the Maxbright LED and offer an even higher degree of specialization based on your specific needs.

The user interface is designed for ease of performance in exacting situations so the Charge’s Maxbright white mode requires a full two-second button press to be turned on to avoid accidental activation. The Maxbright white mode is also dimmable, letting you control the intensity of the light.

All Princeton Tec MPLS Helmet Lights come with the following mounts:

Standard Nylon Head-strap
Helmet Side Mount
Picatinny Above the Rail

NSN: 6230-01-606-1473
POWER: 55 Lumens
LAMP: 1 Maxbright LED (regulated), (dimmable)3 Ultrabright LEDs
BURN TIME: 24 hours
WEIGHT: 1.67oz / 47g