Armor Source Sniper Ballistic Helmet

Ultra-lightweight special forces helmet delivering premium fit, comfort and performance.

The Sniper defines the evolution of modern day ballistic head protection. Delivering an ultra-lightweight PE based solution in a more friendly and ergonomic geometry. The Sniper features sleek lines and subtle contour changes, superior ballistic fabrics, years of R&D and a fit focused on comfort. The Sniper proudly reduces the Areal Density of the traditional ACH helmet by more than 30% and that of LW-ACH helmets by more than 25%, all while exceeding the ballistic protection of the Lightweight ACH category as a whole.


Shape / Design
LJD Sniper, an Armor Source unique geometry

Shell Construction
Proprietary blend of Polyethylene and Composite Materials

Ballistic Standard
Meets the U.S. Army AR/PD 14-01 and NIJ level IIIA

9mm BFD / Trauma
9-mm RTP/BFD < 1″ average Fragment Protection In accordance with AR/PD 14-01; 17 grain V50 > 2400 f/s (732 m/s)

Environmental Standards
Meets the U.S. Army AR/PD 14-01

From NIJ Laboratory

Fits Head Sizes
X-Small / Small / Medium / Large / X-Large / XX-Large

Shell Sizes
Small / Medium / Large / X-Large

Extreme Testing Conditions
Performs under temperature between 160 °F (71°C) and -60°F
(-51°C); Performs after 3 hours sea water immersion

100% Boltless (Durability Verified)

Specialist Units / Military Troops


Shell Thickness: 0.3” (±0.1″) / 8 mm (±2.5mm)

Weight (Regular Cut): High-cut: Size S/M 1.6 lbs. / 0.74 Kg., L/X 1.8 lbs. / 0.81 Kg; Mid-cut: S/M 1.8 lbs. / 0.84 Kg, L/X 1.9 lbs. / 0.88 Kg

Nominal Surface Area*
High-cut design: S/M – 167 in2 (1,077 cm2); L/XL 176 in2 (1,136 cm2)

Nominal Area Density
6.9 Kg/sqm


Finished Helmet Nominal Weight**
High-cut: S/M 2.0 lbs. / 0.92 Kg, L/XL 2.2 Lbs. / 0.99 Kg; Mid-cut: S/M 2.2 lbs. / 1.02 Kg, L/XL 2.3 lbs. / 1.06 Kg

Fully Loaded High-Cut Nominal Weight ***
High-cut: S/M 2.5 lbs. / 1.15 Kg, L/XL 2.7 lbs. / 1.21 Kg; Mid-cut: S/M 2.7 lbs. / 1.25 Kg, L/XL 2.8 lbs. / 1.28 Kg

* Regular-cut shell

** A Regular-cut helmet installed with retention and suspension systems

*** Special Command configuration: the complete kit, with ASR side-rails, NVG Shroud and
Operational Loop System


AIRELINK Standard Retention System
AIRESUPPORT Standard Suspension System Basic Pads

AIRELINK Plus Dial Retention System
AIRESUPPORT PRIME Advanced Suspension System with D3O Pad System

An advanced complete suspension and retention system made in partnership with Skylock.


Foliage Green
Olive Green
Sniper Black
Desert Tan
Coyote Brown


High Cut
Mid Cut