Suppressed weapons are now in routine use with military and law enforcement professionals. Much like the weapon, suppressors must be properly cleaned and maintained to ensure efficient sound suppression performance and reduction of toxic gasses. All too often, suppressors are not properly cared for in a timely and efficient manner if at all, leading to significantly reduced service life span.

Currently, there is no established method for thorough cleaning of the internal portions of sound suppressors. Due to the variety and complexity of baffle structures, current cleaning efforts involving brushes and/or passive soaking prove to be costly, time consuming and ultimately ineffective. The accumulation of fouling in the form of carbon, copper and lead results in increased weight of suppressors and a progressive decrease in sound suppression. Additionally, the prolonged use of suppressors with moderate to heavy copper and lead fouling dramatically increase the operators’ exposure to toxic gasses with potentially serious health effects. These factors cause the premature reclassification of sound suppressors as unserviceable simply because they cannot be effectively cleaned.

The solution is an automated suppressor cleaner system from Otis Technology, the Suppressor Cleaner & Reclaimer (OSCR). This unit was designed to prevent the necessity of taking suppressors out of service strictly from heavy build-up of carbon and metal oxides. The cleaner operates by circulating a proprietary cleaning solution through the suppressor at a high temperature and pressure. By utilizing the OSCR as part of the suppressor cleaning regimen, suppressors can remain in service for a longer length of time.

The OSCR, when used as recommended, consistently removes up to 95% of fouling build-up. A preventative maintenance program will substantially extend the service life of the suppressor. In addition, this is a much more cost-effective approach, as suppressors won’t need to be replaced nearly as often. The large OSCR unit can clean up to six suppressors at one time, adding to the time and cost efficiencies.

The OSCR is highly effective at cleaning all types of suppressors regardless of internal structure or material of which it is constructed. Compatible metals include those such as anodized aluminium, stainless steel, Inconel and titanium and is also safe on all mil-spec finishes.

The interface is easy to use with digital touchscreen controls, allowing the operator to adjust temperature and run times for a customizable cleaning experience. Additionally, the OSCR is available in a large unit to clean up to six suppressors and a single, table top unit that can clean one suppressor per run cycle. It accommodates suppressors up to 2 inches in diameter and up to 15 inches in length.

OSCR is used with a proprietary cleaning fluid. This water based formula comes as a concentrate for freight and storage savings purposes. This fluid contains an anticorrosion additive so no additional maintenance is required after the cleaning operation is complete.

The OSCR has email notifications (if network connected) and downloadable cycle data for learning insights. It also has an automatic cycle feature so it can run without supervision. 120VAC, 15A, 1Ph.

Below shows testing data of various suppressors cleaned utilizing the OSCR system. Variables include manufacturer, baffle structure and calibre.

From the testing data, weight (ounces) was used as an indicator of performance. Visually, the suppressors were noticeably improved after a cycle in the OSCR. As you can see from the testing data, all suppressors had a reduction in weight. All suppressors were cleaned quickly and efficiently to an average of 90% weight reduction from fired weight.




Suppressors are a heavily used item requiring critical maintenance to ensure performance and efficacy for the user. Current cleaning methods are lacklustre at best and result in the premature reclassification of the suppressor as unserviceable. This results in inefficient noise suppression and reduced service life resulting in additional procurement costs. Utilization of the OSCR automated Otis Suppressor Cleaner and Reclaimer ensures suppressors procured are retained and utilized for their complete lifespan.