Helmet-mounted Thermal Monocular with FM53 respirator masks

Use a FM53 respirator mask for CBRNE situations & smoke-filled rooms? Add a helmet mounted FLIR BREACH thermal to navigate and keep your hands free.

For which police users?

Police JPS specialists and CTSFO teams who wear FM53 respirator masks when entering CBRNE and smoke-filled environments.

The problem:

Wearing a chem suit and respirator is needed for raids/searches of drug farms or CBRNE situations. You are then limited on the kit you carry, to your hands and helmet. If you carry a handheld thermal to see and search with, you’ll have one less hand for tasks such as rescuing someone, capturing suspects, or using other tools to investigate.


Mount a low-cost thermal to your helmet NVG socket and flip it down over the mask when you need to see through smoke, keeping both hands free.


FLIR BREACH thermal is small/light and designed to be handheld or helmet mounted. It fits nearly over the FM53 mask, sufficiently close to enable you to see and navigate through the smoke. It also records video or still for evidence. With resolution at 320×256, 12um sensor and a wide angle lens, you get an excellent thermal image.


At under £1880 (excl VAT), the BREACH is also more affordable than equivalent handheld screen options. Add an optional helmet mount or battery pack/extender, as required.